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dambur, the earthen chulha explained above is also called Daan, generally used by Kashmiri pandit women in their kitchens. The food prepared on these earthen chullahs are the best and can't be compared with food prepared on LPG, oven or modern day gadgets.
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Dambur (Earthen Hearth)

Have you ever had food cooked on Earthen Hearth(Dambur)? Dambur is a muddy structure used for cooking food and is an important part of Kashmiri culture. Food cooked on Dambur is delicious with a unique taste. The traditional way of cooking on mud chulha involves the use of earthen pots, that naturally adds to the flavour of the dish. According to experts, food cooked in earthen pots is nutrient-rich, as they help maintain the moisture and the aroma of the cooked food.Dambur is of great traditional and cultural value in our mystic valley.A few years ago Dambur was used widely by majority of kashmiri women and it was considered as most important part of kitchen.Majority of kashmiri women only used Dambur after ablution. The Dambur was formally used by the daughter of our prophet Mohammad(pbuh) Hazrat Fatima (r.a) and her teachings about Dambur include "Dambur is a pure structure and should be respected" and all of us followed the same. Dambur is mostly used in kashmir.It is a muddy structure made up of purest form of mud and is constructed by the talented and knowledgeable women who knows how to make it.After the cooking is over, Dambur is polished with viscous mud like fluid and gives a glossy look. Nowadays its hard to find dambur in towns or cities.Simply kashmiri people define Dambur as love and important part of their kitchen and lives.My mother is an active Dambur user and I'm proud of her
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earthen hearth
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