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Nice initiative, however Dumaloo preparation is not described as it should. I will not go into details of spices used. However, after boiling just right and piercing it, you need to deep fry it till brown and crisp on the outside, then you let it cook on slow flame in the spices. I think this is a major step missing here that keeps away the authenticity of the dish. Whoever comes across it like me, will not understand it in the right way and I believe this is the difference one wants to make of an awfully made restaurant style dumaloo from the home-made authentic kashmiri dumaloo!
Priyadarshini Kachroo wrote this 5 years ago
Dumaloo.....the awesome .....staple diet of Kashmir valley for centuries.....95 percent now don't know how to make it....modified and cloned by restaurants all over...sad indeed....but while I write ...It comes vividly in front of me....my Grand ma....especially used to prepare it.....medium sized potatoes...boil...remove the skin....now it is soft and hot....pierce it all over with a match stick or sweater needle....so that the spices and mustard oil goes inside it while preparing....then boil it in Mustard oil....then water spices...chillies etc....let it boil for some time....I am not good at cooking....have never prepared a dish or tea....pampered by my mother.....but this is my observation for AGES....see the Dumaloo is ready and served!......
Sanjay Kher wrote this 11 years ago
Probably the best known dish from Kashmir usually made very awfully and with cutup potatoes and with tomatoes by Indian resturants. The original dumaloo recipe does NOT use tomatoes for color and teh potatoes are whole not cut up
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