Aaqib nabi submitted this entry 7 years ago


Nengroo is the most special cast on worldwide … whoever makes fun of it was never a human being with proper sense…
Nangroo’s were the kindest people on earth according to records..
I can’t understand why people laugh after hearing “nengroo” ..
You people are illiterate….
Set your mind to think as what the word actually means not what it sounds like ????
Mehrat Raza wrote this 1 year ago
My surname is nengroo or nugud
Mohammad Hussain Nengroo wrote this 2 years ago
nengroos are the actuall resudues of kashmir they are only found in J&K and some american states so do not make the joke of this special caste who are the actuall perment citizens of kashmir
Suhail Yousuf wrote this 2 years ago
Nengroo is a surname used in Kashmiri but it can be used as a discriminatory word e.g: ubaid ha chuh nengud huv.Note that while we use it as an adjective we replace nengroo by nengud.
Zaddy wrote this 6 years ago
Nengroo is not any word it is a funny caste hahaha
@Boyaa wrote this 6 years ago
Are you sure it is a Kashmiri word?
Sundeep wrote this 7 years ago
I wanna know the meaning of Nengroo
Aaqib Nabi wrote this 7 years ago

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