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I am a kashmiri, a Muslim by religion. I have been carrying out in-depth analysis and comprehensive research about lineage of kashmiri as a tribe , it’s attributes and social behaviour. There are more than one reasons and reasonable beliefs that Kashmiri are Infact a lost tribe of Israel and reached here through Hindu Kush mountain traversed through silk routes probably 2700 yrs ago .There are some traces of Greaks very evident that some places where Alexander the Great visited during his conquest are named still refered with familiar names such as” Bafliaz “ name of Alexander’s bourse and many other evidences . Therefore it seems that kashmiri tribe is a mixture of Jews , Greaks and Mongol races . Unique food habits , culture and traditions also indicate towards such narrative.
Iqbal Hussain Rather wrote this 2 years ago
Gayle - this is not Hebrew but Kashmiri - spelled Koshur or Kashur. It is not related to the Jewish Kosher
Sheetal wrote this 2 years ago
Koshur, in Hebrew is kosher, and can refer to behavior, food, speech. It would mean pure, approved by God. Appropriate speech and behavior.
Gayle Rosenthal wrote this 3 years ago
Means Kashmiri IN Kashmiri - also written as Kashur
Ashwani wrote this 9 years ago

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